Our Vision
Araicom was created to help biomedical and life sciences researchers find answers faster to deliver better cures and solutions that improve the quality of life. Our comprehensive platform solution will make “conceptual biology and computational literature discovery” a practical reality throughout the biomedical and life sciences industries.
Our Mission
Accelerate researchers path to insight by going beyond "search" and revealing the hidden relationships that reside within published medical findings.

Expand researchers ability to productively explore and harvest the conceptual associations and relationships that reside among silos and communities of information.

Simplify the research process with an easy-to-use browser-based profiler that visually navigates standard terminology vocabularies and associations.

Improve speed in discovery and hypothesis by unifying disparate terminology and coding vocabularies through a virtual layer of references that integrate existing catalogue and thesaurus systems.

Enhance researcher productivity by identifying relevant concepts and harvesting the significant relationships that lie hidden in the information.

Evolution From Information To Insight
Ever since people began writing, we have been capturing and storing information. Our storage capacity has always exceeded our ability to find what we need, when we need it. Technology may have enhanced our retrieval ability, but it has not evolved to a point where it can help us quickly comprehend and apply information in meaningful ways – until now.

Araicom's computationally intelligent research system gives users the tools to rapidly map the conceptual relationships that lie hidden within literature. With its power of discovery, our system is the next step towards artificial intelligence. To see a graphical representation of how we are driving the evolution of information into insight, please click here.